TrichomePay Overview

A Single-Platform Financial Solution For The Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis Ecosystem

The Cannabis Industry, unlike most other cash-based industries, has no history of compliance systems to keep it regulated and free from illicit activity.

Today, the patchwork series of State regulations and conflicting guidance from Washington have left the Cannabis Industry with no established Anti-Money Laundering (AML) or compliance programs.

Combined with the tremendous amount of unbanked cash used in cannabis based transactions, it becomes clear that a secure monetary ecosystem is needed to help regulate the industry and reassure participating parties.

How TrichomePay Works

TrichomePay is a dynamic, secure-loop financial platform, designed to provide solutions for consumers, businesses, and financial institutions involved in the cannabis industry.

Our platform integrates leading edge technology and software programs, including CRM to AI, to provide seamless operating and reporting. We enable participants to transfer tax payments, collect and store industry data, track sales and purchasers, as well as provide financial institutions a risk management system to monitor clients.

Our Mission

TrichomePay exists to help increase financial security, enable the following of regulatory mandates, provide reporting and risk management tools, and create peace of mind for the cannabis ecosystem.

Whether a consumer, business, or financial institution, join us in pioneering an industry with limitless potential for growth.

Explore Our Platform

See how the TrichomePay platform can help increase visibility within the cannabis industry and provide valuable insights for all participants.

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