About TrichomePay

Our Team

The founders of TrichomePay are all, in their own right, deeply connected to the world of business, finance, law, and regulatory compliance. From accountants to lawyers, business owners to cannabis advisors, TrichomePay was founded with a level footing and understanding of the cannabis vertical and how to build and scale within it. Add in a storied track record of successfully managing companies and advising, and the TrichomePay team was born.

The Opportunity

The burgeoning world of cash based businesses, initially focusing on cannabis evolving from medical grade access and progressing towards legalization and de-stigmatization, offers many businesses the potential to either venture into cannabis in earnest, or add a layer to their existing product line(s) with THC or CBD infused goods. However, this new frontier is much like the Wild West, and many businesses find it difficult to navigate. In many cases, business are encountering real time problems without adequate regulations or control, and without an infrastructure to support their development within industry.

The TrichomePay team recognized this need, and by rallying a team steeped in business, finance, law, and cannabis, built the solution: a financial option for the cannabis consumer, business, and financial institution that would allow cannabis businesses to operate in the same way any other business would – With clear regulations and clean paths to growth and profitability.

Navigating The "New" Financial Ecosystem

As the industry grows, gaining momentum from both a financial and adoption standpoint, TrichomePay is shepherding legitimacy into the cash-based market. Cannabis companies and products have found their niche in today’s market, and TrichomePay exists to enable participants to explore the cannabis industry clearly, properly, and profitably.

The Next Frontier

Whether a consumer, business, or financial institution, join us in pioneering an industry with limitless potential for growth.

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