Solutions Made For Financial Institutions

We are here to provide the cannabis marketplace with secure, reliable, regulated access to banking and business services.

Financial Institution Solutions

TrichomePay helps enable financial institutions to meet compliance, regulatory reporting, and risk management requirements. We are here to provide peace of mind to the cannabis industry when it comes to banking by helping increase transaction security.

The TrichomePay Platform

A Holistic, Single-Platform Financial Solution For Cannabis And CBD Concerns

Compliance Management

TrichomePay enables compliance with Know Your Client, anti-money laundering, and bank secrecy statutes to help make sure compliance standards are being met.

Risk Management

Our platform provides tools for risk-management reporting to enable financial institutions to make informed decisions.

Real-Time Monitoring

TrichomePay’s real-time monitoring and analytics include built in suspicious activity reporting following CTR and SAR standards.

Transparent, Secure Access

TrichomePay provides more access to the cannabis industry than ever before while helping keep finances and transactions safer. It's a platform made by market leaders and financial experts, all designed to enable regulatory, compliance, and risk-management standards are being met.

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