Solutions Made For You

We are here to provide the cannabis marketplace with secure, reliable, regulated access to banking and business services.

Consumer Solutions

Revolutionize your access to the world of cannabis with TrichomePay. Our easy-to-use platform lets you say goodbye to needing to have cash or use an ATM when purchasing cannabis, and helps streamline the buying process for your convenience.

The TrichomePay Platform

A Holistic, Single-Platform Financial Solution For Cannabis And CBD Concerns


Our easy-to-use platform helps streamline the buying process and eliminates ATM fees when purchasing cannabis. Interested in placing money into a cannabis account? We plan to provide access to consumer cannabis accounts and will be announcing updates in the near future.


TrichomePay allows you to view, store, and monitor your purchasing data, giving you complete access to your digital profile at any time.


By reducing cash based transactions and increasing the security of financial transactions, TrichomePay helps keep you, and your finances, safe.

Transparent, Secure Access

TrichomePay provides more access to the cannabis industry than ever before and helps keep your finances and transactions safe. It's a platform made by market leaders and financial experts, all designed to put the information you need at your fingertips.

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