Solutions Made For Business

We are here to provide the cannabis marketplace with secure, reliable, regulated access to banking and business services.

Business Solutions

Focus on the business, not the banking, cash, or compliance problems. TrichomePay exists to provide cash intensive businesses secure access to banking and business services, creating peace of mind for the cannabis industry when it comes to banking and risk management.

The TrichomePay Platform

A Holistic, Single-Platform Financial Solution For Cannabis And CBD Concerns

Cost Effective

Our integrated platform helps decrease cash management costs by 10 to 15% through the reduction of cash handling expenses and streamlined payment processing operations.

Electronic Access

Our easy-to-use electronic access helps lower barriers for consumers, as well as gives you access to electronic tax payments and analytics management tools.


Simplify the insurance process by reducing the level of insurance needed and driving down associated costs.

Transparent, Secure Access

TrichomePay provides more access to the cannabis industry than ever before and helps keep your finances and transactions safe. It's a platform made by market leaders and financial experts, all designed to give you access to the consumer information you need.

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