A Secure Loop Financial Ecosystem

We are here to provide the cannabis marketplace with secure, reliable, regulated access to banking and business services.


Our Mission

"We exist to give peace of mind to consumers,
businesses, and financial institutions enabling banking
and risk management for cash intensive businesses
within the cannabis industry."

How TrichomePay Works

TrichomePay is a secure loop Financial Ecosystem with payment processing, reporting, and monitoring capabilities for cash intensive businesses and financial institutions.

We integrate leading edge technology and software platforms, from CRM to AI, to provide seamless operating and reporting. Our platform is designed to transfer tax payments, collect and store industry data, track sales and purchasers, and provide financial institutions a risk management system to monitor clients.

We are here to help enable transparency, efficiencies, and accountability for all participating parties.

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A Solution For

Financial Institutions

As the future of the cannabis industry continues to mature, TrichomePay makes it simple to enable compliance through Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering, and Bank Secrecy Statutes. With built in compliance monitoring following CTR and SAR guidelines, we work with both the regulatory and business side to protect financial institutions.



Spend more time scaling your business and less time on regulatory concerns. We provide secure transaction processing, real-time analytics management, and electronic tax payments to help seamlessly unify the cannabis industry.



Our built-in regulatory compliance features protect businesses from improper transactions, and allow for the complete transparency of transactions across the ecosystem. We enable compliance with regulatory standards through leading-edge monitoring technology and dynamic software integration.



Stop having to pay with cash when purchasing cannabis. TrichomePay increases the safety and security of your transactions, providing an easy-to-use platform for accessing all relevant purchasing data. Interested in placing money into a cannabis account? We plan to provide access to consumer cannabis accounts and will be announcing updates in the near future.


What Sets TrichomePay Apart


TrichomePay offers simple, convenient access to the analytics you need. Our platform seamlessly integrates across CRM, AI, and Blockchain Sectors to collect and store relevant data in order to provide you with actionable insights.


TrichomePay increases the safety of any cash-based industry and its participants through the reduction of cash transactions.

Cost Effective

Our integrated platform helps reduce cash management costs through the reduction of cash-based transactions and streamlined payment processing operations.

Risk & Compliance Management

TrichomePay gives access to real-time monitoring and suspicious activity reporting following CTR and SAR standards. We help enable compliance with Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering, and Bank Secrecy Statutes to increase risk management overall security.

The TrichomePay Team

The founders of TrichomePay are all, in their own right, deeply connected to the world of business, finance, law, and regulatory compliance. From accountants to lawyers, business owners to cannabis advisors, TrichomePay was founded with a level footing and understanding of the cannabis vertical and how to build and scale within it. Add in a storied track record of successfully managing companies and advising, and the TrichomePay team was born.

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The Next Frontier

Whether a consumer, business, or financial institution, join us in pioneering an industry with limitless potential for growth.

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